What We Do

Everyday thousands of poor patients come to Gonda for medical treatment. Apart from the medical treatment they face an everyday struggle for food, water and lodging. Majority of these patients remain in critical condition as their healthcare needs can no longer be met at a state or district level.
We all wish we could do more to support underprivileged people facing challenges and their caregivers, beyond our prayers.
Sometimes, the family members of serious patients do not have time to look after themselves, not even have the time to have food, which is the basic necessity as they are always around taking care of their close ones.
Majority of the underprivileged patients admitted in Government hospitals are those who come from nearby states and are often poor, in several cases family members decide to stay hungry to save money.
Deepmala Foundation serves food, wholesome food to families of underprivileged poor people and also for the children who come from far-off places to the Gonda for often longer treatments.
As a society we face a lot of social problems today, but sadly we don’t have enough listeners. We feel there are a lot of people crying out for our help. In our capacity, we are trying our bit to support some of them and will continue to do so.